Friday, September 16, 2016

5 Questions Raised by 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

After seeing this one on Video (and not in Theaters, which is rare for an X-Men Film), I have some questions...
1. Professor X Did What?!?: We learn in this Film that Xavier erased all memories of himself and the X-Men from Moira MAcTaggert after X-Men: First Class.  WHAT?

Is this an Homage to all of the Comic Book Retcons involving Xavier?  Otherwise, it just feels like a strange and out-of-nowhere reveal for drama's sake.

2. What exactly can Apocalypse do?: Built into the Plot is the idea that Apocalypse goes from body-to-body and always takes more abilities each time.  In the course of the Film, he displays...

- Mind Control                
- Super Strength                                  
- Force Field Generation
- Mass Teleportation        
- Vague Ability to Increase Powers    
- Super Senses
- Matter Manipulation      
- Regenerative Healing

Could you explain all of these or do his powers just appear as the Plot demands it?

3. What is the range of most of these powers?: The Film is chock full of people using powers to various degrees that don't quite sync up all the time.

Quicksilver is fast enough to do the Mansion Rescue bit, but still caught off-guard by a guy pulling a trigger.  Magneto shows the ability to pull metal/mineral apart at the base level, but resorts to just throwing debris in the final Scene.  Cyclops' blasts seem to be both heated (burning walls), concussive force (breaking up objects) and he later uses them to melt steel beams (which jet fuel can't do).

I'm not even going to get into Psylocke cutting a car in half with the combo of her psy-blade and katana sword...

4. What exactly did Mystique do for Wolverine?  This is kind of an important one and it goes to how well continuity is treated.

So she replaces Stryker in 1973 and oversees Wolverine's prone body being taken away.  The implication is that she'll stop him from being put in the Weapon X program.  So...

Why is Wolverine in the same program run by Stryker in 1983?!?  Did she just drop him off, rendering that tease pointless?  Did Wolverine just get captured again, rendering that tease moot.

On a related note, she didn't kill Stryker?  Why?  She's had 2 opportunities and was only discouraged the first time by Havok.  Way to drop the ball, Lawrence!

5. What was the point in casting Oscar Isaac?: Seriously, you see his actual face/body for about 2 minutes and all of his Dialog was done in Post-Production/ADR.

Instead, he's there in make-up that makes him look like Ivan Ooze most of the time for no reason.

This added nothing, other than casting a guy with alot of buzz.  Good job, Fox.

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