Saturday, September 17, 2016

Almost Heroes: Donald (2006's The Host)

As a quick sidebar, it saddens me to have to label WHICH Film called The Host I'm talking about, especially since the other one is so bad.

When a Monster suddenly appears near a Gathering of people, most run from it.  Some run to it!
This man- Donald- and our Hero try to rescue some people trapped inside an RV.
When the creature runs off after another victim, Donald tries to save the day by...throwing a tile.

A for Effort...but an S for Silly.
The pair keep working together to try and save more victims.
Our Hero manages to fall under a nearby truck and survive, while our Almost Hero...
...gets eaten.  Ouch.
On the plus side, you being eaten means that it will be less full for others...I guess.
Sorry, Donald- you were heroic...just not successful.

Thanks alot, Pollution.

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