Saturday, September 3, 2016

Almost Heroes: Hank (Demons 2)

Well, the same Actor has another shot- this time in the Sequel!

In Demons 2, a Sequel to the Film-within-a-Film is being shown on TV.  One poor sap plays it in an Apartment Building, unknowingly-dooming everyone!

About 30-ish minutes in, 'Hank' appears.  He's running the Gym when the Power goes out.
When danger strikes, Hank takes the lead.  He tries to smash the way out...but to no avail.
When the Demons show up, he kicks some ass!
The group tries to barricade themselves in the Garage to wait things out.  Hank again takes the lead!
As things get worse and worse (as the Demons create more Demons), Hank keeps fighting...until he's grabbed in his one weak spot.

They don't show him after this, can't be good, right?  So close!
Fortunately, Hank doesn't die anywhere near first, thus fighting that cliche about Black People in Horror Films.  Yea, Italy...I think.

He almost saves the day, but still goes down fighting!

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  1. Loving this series. Has anybody mentioned Peter from StageFright (1987)? He'd be a good candidate.