Saturday, September 10, 2016

Almost Heroes: Lieutenant Tony Aris, NYPD (Contamination)

You came so close!

In Contamination, a mysterious Ship shows up in a New York City Harbor.  It ends up being full of weird egg-things that make your chest explode when the juice hits you.

Our Almost Hero is the sole survivor and brought in for questioning about it.
He proceeds to help with the investigation all of the way through, constantly hitting on his superior in the process.

They end up in Central America where they are captured (but not the other Hero).
They learn the freaky secret of the eggs- a Cyclops Alien.  It entrances Tony, luring him to it...
Sure enough- the creature eats him!
The Alien beast (not to confused with Alien Beasts) is stopped before it can eat the our real Hero.
To be fair, the Hero is played by Zombi Star Ian McCullough, so...I guess he gets to live this time.

Sorry, Tony- you did your best...and then got eaten.

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