Saturday, September 24, 2016

Almost Heroes: Park Hie-Bong (The Host)

Even 10 years later, I still don't want to SPOIL all of this Film.  Even so, I'm going to a little...

In it, this nice old dude is trying to raise his Family when the Monster shows up and it all goes south.
In a nice Scene, we see him talk about how he didn't raise his Son well enough.  Aww.
His pathos leads to a bit where their Camper near the River is bumped by the Monster and they try to pursue it...
They get the creature right in their sights with one more bullet to take it down with.
...but his Son miscounted.  Well, crap.
He dies.
On the plus side, his tragic death drives his Family to fight even harder to kill the beast.

Sorry, Pops- you almost were the Hero.  Blame Math.

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