Saturday, April 2, 2016

What's the Best Film?: The Superman Films (1sts)

Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues to rake in the cash (in spite of us Critics), it is only fitting to match up the Man of Steel's 3 'Origin' Films.  You'll get your turn soon enough, Batman.
The Format hasn't changed yet, so let's do it the same way.  The big one first...

The Lead
All 3 men play Kal El/Clark Kent/Superman.  One of them does play him older and wiser though.

Reeves embodies Superman's core values strongly in the Donner Film, while Brandon Routh does his best to be a good copycat.  Mind you, he's copying someone good, so it is only *so* big of a complaint.  Henry Cavill plays a conflicted and more brooding Superman...who's also kind of dull.

While the first 2 benefit from a big Villain, the latter needs it!  He's not bad...but he's just not that interesting, Drama Beard be damned!

The Winner: Superman- The Movie
The Villain
Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor is dynamic, but still a product of his time.  Kevin Spacey's Version, in contrast, feels more universal, despicable and downright mean.  Man of Steel has no Lex Luthor- gotta wait until 2016 for that-, but its General Zod is big, bad and crazy.

No offense to Hackman- he's great-, but his Luthor is just overall outmatched here.  It comes to down big and violent with Michael Shannon or calculated and evil.  It could go either way, but I'm choosing this way...
Winner: Superman Returns
The Supporting Cast
All 3 Films have a few key Supporting Cast Members, but let me make this simpler- an all Lois 3-Way Dance!

Don't Rule 34 me just yet.  Margot Kidder's Lois is strong, outstanding and maybe a tad eccentric.  Kate Bosworth's Lois is...alright, but she's not up to par.  Amy Adams' Lois is a strong contender here and I may grow on her more over the years.  As of this writing, I'm going with...
Winner: Superman- The Movie
The Story 
Superman: The Movie is about Kal-El coming to Earth, adjusting to his new life and stopping Lex Luthor's land-grab via missile.  Superman Returns is about his, well, return and attempt to stop Luthor's land-grab via Fortress of Solitude crystal.  Man of Steel is about Kal El's arrival on Earth and attempt to stop Zod's land-grab via Kryptonian technology.

I see a pattern here.  It is a tough one, but I give the narrow nod to...
Winner: Man of Steel
The Big Action Scene
A very important Round.  Let's see how it does...

Superman: The Movie doesn't have a big battle (that's Superman II), but it does have the big moment with Superman trying to stop the missiles, doing the time warp and saving the day.  Superman Returns has a similar issue, although its big moment does involve a Kryptonite shank and Superman lifting a giant island into space!  Man of Steel has a big, bombastic Climax involving a fight, buildings being destroyed and that infamous Zod moment.

The last one has the most Action, but how will it be remembered years from now?  For sheer longevity and memorability, I give a slight nod to...
Winner: Superman- The Movie

In the End, it breaks down like this- 3 for Superman: The Movie, 1 for Superman Returns and 1 for Man of Steel.  I thought it might be closer.

You're still the best, Donner's Film!  You may disagree...but that's why I write here and not you.

All joking aside, I stand by my picks.  Let's see if the Batman match-up will cause just as much drama...

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