Thursday, April 7, 2016

Netflix and Review: Daredevil- Season 2 (Part 1)

I'm not much of a binge watcher, so you'll have to know that I haven't watched the whole Show yet.  I'm about halfway there, so it is time to discuss what has happened so far...
After the chaos and rearranging in Season 1's Finale, Daredevil continues to work to keep the city safe.
However, a new figure comes on the scene- The Punisher.

Sorry, Dolph- Jon Bernthal totally nails this!
To make matters more complicated, a figure from Daredevil's past also shows up- Elektra.
With all of that- plus lots of personal and legal strife- going on, there's also time for a mystery.  I don't know how this will end, so don't you dare SPOIL it for me.  I give you the same courtesy.
 Good stuff.  I wanted to like Daredevil's 1st Season...and I did.  I didn't know what to expect from Jessica Jones, but I was happily surprised.  Coming into this Season, the expectations were even higher.  Would the third time be the one that goes awry?  Thankfully, that has not yet come true.  I'm hoping that I will keep my high opinion of the Show will carry through to the second half.  Let's see if I end disagreeing with that guy who won on Jeopardy!  The good parts so far: the Acting, for one.  Everyone really nails their roles in the big and small ways that they should.  Matt is loyal, but human.  Foggy is determined, but friendly.  Karen is steadfast, but struggling.  At this point, we only get a few key glimpses of the man behind The Punisher, but they are good ones.  As of now, he's had two really good Scenes that involved baring his soul in some way.  Kudos again to Jon Bernthal for nailing the role- he's right up there with Ray Stevenson.  One concern- the scope is getting too big perhaps.  This remains to be seen and I do expect a Show to grow, so I'm being optimistic about it all.  The Show is just plain good.  As a bonus, they outright riff on a big Daredevil-Punisher Scene from the Comics...
Can I avoid SPOILERS until I watch the rest of the Season?  I sure hope so!  Until then, see you...I mean...braille you later.

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