Friday, April 1, 2016

Twin Piqued: Twin Beaks

Well, wouldn't you know it?  After all this time, here is one I missed...
In this seemingly-lost Episode, a new threat comes to the Town...from the skies.
Important Stuff
- A strange plant mutant is kidnapped from Prison.
- With Cooper indisposed, a new Investigator from out of Town is on the case.  Him, his friend and his daughter travel to the Town.

- The trio team up with the most notable Supporting Cast Member- The Log.
- The always-teased, but never-shown Aliens help save the day as evil Plants try to take over the Town.
The major Theme is Identity.  Examples listed below...

- The Plant Mutant twice leaves husks behind, temporarily fooling people.
- The Investigator questions his identity as a Detective when logic falls apart.
- The Plants make people lose their free will.
- The Plants eventually try to replace you!
Weird Moment(s)
With a variant of the Body Snatcher Pods and a Plant Mutant, there is plenty weird.  The big winner, however, is the long-awaited reveal of the Aliens!
Damn weird stuff!  This Episode doesn't e feature any of the major Cast Members.  It is also Animated!  I guess this is one of those Theme Episodes like Community used to do.  With that in mind, we still get a nice Mystery to deal with.  The new Leads are certainly different, but have a certain amount of charm.  The new Story is certainly quite weird.  Mind you, this Show has had Red Rooms, Giants and Ted Raimi's corpse stuffed in a giant Chess Piece before, so what is normal?  My question- where does this fit into the overall Storyline?  Is this after the Season 2 Finale?  That would explain the absence of many key Characters, including Cooper.  Will we see this addressed in the 2017 Showtime Series?  Only time will tell, I guess.  Even this Episode leaves us with a bit of a Cliffhanger- damn you, Lynch!
Next week, another Lost Episode featuring a Psychic Detective trying to solve a new murder.  Will he unravel the mystery?  See you then...

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