Sunday, April 24, 2016

Quick Reviews: The Blood Harvest (2016)

My sort-of-native-Homeland has given the World a great many things.  Is Ireland's greatest gift this 2016 Slasher Film though?  Let's see...
A masked killer is on the loose in Ireland and he's killing young women in gruesome ways.  As long as the Potatoes are safe though...
A rough-around-the-edges Detective has worked the case for years with no luck.  Well, it gets worse- he's fired!
The killings continue, in spite of one victim lamenting how odd and cliche her situation is.

Just to note: saying that you're acting that way and still doing it is not ironic.
With the Police pretty ineffectual, will the killings ever stop?!?
Will this young woman eventually be killed or will they just keep moving her around for half the Film?
Will our grizzled former Cop solve the case or will he just be another victim?  To find out, watch the Film, me lads!
Not too bad, but not too great.  The big problem- variety.  The Film tries to compensate for a lack of variety in its action by moving it around.  Seeing what is basically the same Scene/moment in four different shacks- not much better.  Admittedly, the repetition can be done worse- like in Mummy Maniac or Kill the Scream Queen.  I will say that their low-budget F/X work is not bad at all.  It is a shame that is mostly being used for Torture Porn stuff like sewing lips shut or cutting out eyeballs.  I've said this before- gross isn't scary.  I'll recoil from seeing a roadkill skunk in the road, but I'm not 'scared' of it.  How is that distinction so hard to figure out?!?  This is mostly just a Gore F/X Demo Reel for the people behind it- kind of like Morbid.  Both Films are okay as stand-alone ventures, but probably do more to help get the men behind the make-up some work (hopefully).  I won't SPOIL the twist that comes, other than by saying that there is one.  Honestly, I doubt too many people will see the out-of-left-field reveal coming...mostly because it isn't set up at all.  It would be like if Unbreakable had no Scenes of Bruce Willing being invulnerable and then told you that he had super-powers.  In some way, the twist either kills most of the Film or makes it infinitely better.  I can't say how you'll feel since I haven't yet mastered Omniscience.  If you like low-budget gore, this is for you.  If you like a real Story, look elsewhere.  Speaking of looking, I swear to you that this is a Shot from the Film (honest)...
A decent, low-budget effort that turns out to be a little one-note.  You'll definitely love or hate the twist though.

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