Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quick Reviews: Vendetta (2015)

Another WWE Films Production?  Well, at least this one has one of the Superstars playing the Villain.  Will this be a Big disappointment?
A Detective (Dean Cain) and his Partner catch a criminal (Big Show) and his brother.  Nothing can go wrong with this set-up!
Three Months Later, he gets free and kills Cain's wife.  To rip off Identity Crisis, she's also pregnant!

Legal Question- what career Criminal is released within hours of the charges being dropped?  Isn't there some sort of process to file the paperwork?
Cain makes a big decision- become a killer himself (taking out Show's brother) and gets himself sent into Prison to take out Show.

Simple question- why not just become a Guard?  #WWTBBMD (What Would The Big Bossman Do?)
Now in Prison, Cain must fight to survive!

Well, more accurately, he must hunt down and kill the people that attacked him earlier- just in case they might try it again, I guess.
How does this play into the twisted machinations of the Warden?  I mean, he's obviously-evil.  Just look at this guy...
The Big Show runs this joint (like a less-talented Vincent D'onofrio) and will get what he wants!

Who wins?  Who loses?  Who dies?  To find out, watch the Film.
Mean, brutal stuff- and that's just the Writing!  Zing!  All jokes aside, this is a dark, dark Film.  Men are shot.  Men are stabbed.  Men are choked out.  Men are left to bleed out.  They don't even get the courtesy of having their blood stored in several matching jars either!  The whole thing is just plain mean!  Cain's Character has a good reason to get a little angry and he has some things happen that give him an 'out.'  That said, he goes out of his way to do mean things or do things that he doesn't have to do in order to get his revenge.  Revenge- the most fruitless of goals.  I can't really put myself in his place for a number of reasons, but I find it hard to condone his actions at a certain point.  For me, he passes past being a dark Hero and just kind of being a murdering asshole.  There are very few people who don't either cross into that territory or just start out that way.  You know what happens to those people?  They get killed!  The Film was Directed by the Soska Sister and you can tell.  We can always imagine worse things than most Filmmakers can show us, so why revel in how bloody you can make the dying wife's face or how bloody you can make a pillow?   The bottom line- Vendetta is a dark, sometimes ugly Film that doesn't really have a message.  If you like Action Films in Prison, this is one of them.  I will note that I expected to catch them using the wrong Flag in the Film, but they actually didn't!  Mind you, they actually filmed it in Canada, but the mild compliment stands...
On the surface, nothing special.  Underneath the surface, a Film that wallows in excessive violence.

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