Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quick Reviews: Jeruzalem (2015) {SPOILER-Free Version}

One one hand, this is a new Release (only playing in January in the U.S.) and I don't want to SPOIL it.  On the other hand, I can't explain how dumb it is without SPOILERS.  So let me give it two different Reviews.  Pick the one you like...

The struggle for the last 60 years (give or take) has been whether to have 2 States or 1.  What if someone else decided for them though?  Let's see...
Back in the 1970s, some Found Footage stuff happens in Israel with this seemingly-dead lady coming back.  Wait- did something actually happen before the last Hour in one of these?
Don't get your hopes up!

It is back to tedium as this girl in New Jersey planning to go to Israel in the present.  She got Smart Glasses from her Dad and, yeah, this is how the Movie is 'filmed.'
Her and her friend run across a guy who convinces them to go to Jerusalem first, but he discovers something weird on the Vatican Darknet.

I just used the words 'Vatican Darknet.'  How have things come to this?
A day later, he starts acting crazy and is taken away.  Our Heroines are confused, but go on with the trip until...
An average day in Jerusalem.

I kid, I kid...although something bad does happen.
With all Hell breaking loose (somewhat literally), can they make it out?  To find out, watch the Film.
A slightly-interesting veneer on the same old stuff.  Jeruzalem has some legitimate scares and unique visuals.  The change of setting is an interesting one at times.  Monster taught us that just going to somewhere Foreign is not enough though.  Thankfully, this is not nearly that bad.  It isn't really good though.  The gimmick of it being Smart Glass only goes so far and doesn't factor much into the Plot.  Basically, it plays the part of a Cell Phone, only it is attached to a person's face.  Once you get past that, this is pretty routine.  Our Heroine, for example, is really strong...until she starts yelling and crying all the time.  The situation is big and grand...but they don't focus that much on it.  Without going too in-depth (I'll save that for the SPOILER Review), the thing has a real Cloverfield vibe to it.  That's the biggest problem- familiarity.  The Film feels like every other Found Footage Film at some point, varying from moment to moment.  On the surface, this is different, but it is the same thing deep down.  Need more proof?  Well, case in point...
More exciting at times than some of these...but just as dumb.  Being marginally-better at times is just not enough for this Sub-Genre.

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