Saturday, April 30, 2016

Netflix and Review: Daredevil- Season 2 (Part 2)

At last, I'm finally done.  Unfortunately...I'm done.  While we all bide our time until September, let me look at the rest of this Season.
With The Punisher temporarily put away, Daredevil can more easily split his focus to the personal issue he's having to deal with.
Elektra, the woman from his past, is trying to get him to uncover some deep evil in the City.
When Stick shows up, his offer of help is not exactly in the way that you might think.  It's almost like he's an asshole or something.
As a side-note, it is worth noting that Punisher still has one of the most bad-ass moments of the whole Season in his story.  It just gets less and less focus as the Season wraps up.
With all of their pasts coming back to haunt them, can Elektra and Daredevil win the day?
Or will these guys put a stop to any sort of happy Ending?  To find out, watch the Show('s second half).
The worst thing that I can really say here is that The Punisher becomes less and less shown as the Season comes to an End.  Mind you, this is Daredevil though.  Besides, Ninjas.

As was just announced, he's got his own Show coming soon, so bring on the punishment!

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