Monday, April 11, 2016

Quick Reviews: Right to Die (Masters of Horror)

It is time for another reminder of back when Showtime Produced Horror that wasn't Penny Dreadful.  This is...
In this somewhat-topical Episode, a man learns that his past isn't out of the way until he faces up to it...
A car accident leads to the near-fatal burning of a man's wife.

As a side-note, it looks eerily-like the one from Incident On and Off A Mountain Road.  Makes sense.
She has 3rd Degree burns all over her body and her Husband must decide whether or not to continue life support.
 This, of course, creates controversy, especially with the wife's Mother.  She accuses him of premeditation.

Of course, we later find out that he did in fact try to kill her, so...good call, Mom!
It turns out that every time that the wife dies temporarily- before being revived- she shows up as a vengeful Ghost!

In his defense, he has to turn this down...
 The Ghost is not one to be trifled with, leading to our Hero having to make some tough choices.  Will it be too late though?
In the End, his plan doesn't work in time and he must 'face the music.'  They don't show you what happens next, but it won't be nice.  The End.
That burning sensation isn't what you think it is!  Right to Die is a good object lesson in why you shouldn't cheat.  You also shouldn't burn your spouses alive.  I suppose that was more of a given though, right?  Right?!?  The Story is a solid one, unfolding in a manner that keeps you guessing as it goes on.  It doesn't really cheat, which is always nice.  The 'Hero' seems nice enough, but his layers get revealed as they go on.  Likewise, our Heroine is more fleshed out- no pun intended- as the Film goes on.  You get a clear idea as to why things ended up the way they did- not that there's any excuse to burn people alive.  The big draw- the Special Effects.  Greg(ory) Nicotero and company give us some great Practical Effects.  They are bloody and awesome.  They look real enough to gross many people out while also having a point.  They aren't just gross to be gross- they're mostly medically-accurate.  The big Scene near the end- teased below- is all sorts of gross, while also being understated.  The CG is less impressive, but not bad by any means.  Seeing them play with the Ending a bit is interesting too.  While it does have a big Horror name this time- he made Wrong Turn- or a big Writer- he wrote some Graveyard Shift-, the Film/Episode is actually quite good.  Don't let this one fly under the radar any more before someone takes drastic actions...
Good, creepy stuff.  The Story is all sorts of eerie and gross- good stuff!

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