Friday, April 8, 2016

What's the Best Film?!?: Batman (The 1sts)

Since Batman v Superman continues to make money in spite of my mixed Review, I might as well play fair and talk about the other side of the equation.

This is a match-up forty-years (give or take a few months) in the making!  This is...

Batman (1966) vs. Batman (1989) vs Batman Begins
This is going to be a contentious debate...even if it is just between myself!
The Lead
The biggest one right out of the gate!  Adam West represents the pure, family-friendly Batman for his time.  Michael Keaton represents the dark, tortured Batman for his time.  Christian Bale represents the complex, driven Batman for his time.  There's no bad choice here, right?

Well, unless so jaded that I can't enjoy the 1966 Batman.  I'm not.  My heart says one thing, but my gut says another.  I can't decide!
WinnerS: Batman(1966)/Batman Begins
The Villain(s)
This is a tricky one, for sure.  The 1966 Batman Film has FOUR Villains in it, predating the 'villain overkill' trope by a good 25 years.  The 1988 Batman features Jack Nicholson as The Joker as Jack Nicholson.  Batman Begins features Liam Neeson in his pre-Taken glory as Ra's Al Ghul (eventually).

Does quantity beat quality?  For me, yes.
The Winner: Batman (1966)
The Supporting Players
Alfred Alfred Alfred!  The connective thread here is the Dark Knight's Butler.  He's joined by Robin in the 1966 Film, something only it has.  Well, some Sequels have him...but I'll get to them later.  Tim Burton's Batman features Vicki Vale...and her screaming.  Nolan's Film only has the Butler, but he's the guy from The Hand, so...
The Winner: Batman Begins
The Story
From a case of being similar to one of being very, very different.  The 1966 Film features a tale of 4 Villains trying to hold the U.N. General Council hostage by turning them into dust.  The 1989 Film features the rise of the Joker and his curious plan to poison everyone to...well, poison them.  The 2005 Film features the rise of Batman and the League of Assassins' plan to poison everyone in Gotham to destroy it.

While I want to give it to camp, I have to go with the obvious choice...
The Winner: Batman Begins
The Big Action Scene
While it may be academic at this point, let's play fair.

The 1966 Film features a big battle between Batman & Robin and the Villains (plus Henchman) on their Submarine.  Fun stuff.  The Climax of the 1989 Film features Batman fighting (and killing!) Joker's henchman in a Clock Tower.  In the 2005 Film, Batman fights Ra's Al Ghul and some Ninjas on a speeding Monorail through the City.

There's no loser here, but the winner for me is...
The Winner: Batman Begins

All in all, a pretty solid sweep for Batman Begins!!!  I'm a little surprised by that...even if I wrote it.  Take nothing away from Tim Burton's Film- it just didn't wow me as much as a whole.  I will note that I own 4 Live Action Batman Films- the 1966 one and Nolan's Trilogy.  I might be biased...

If you like it better, that's fine.  You're wrong, but that's fine.

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