Saturday, March 5, 2016

Recent Flix: Siren (2010)

I resisted the song.  Today's Film is Siren, a 2010 Horror Film/Thriller.  It was one of the few Films I know that was proudly Filmed in Tunisia.  The Story involves a trio of people on an Island that meet a mysterious Woman.  Is she a Siren?  Well, the Film is called Siren, so...yes.  It is no different than the mystery of Killer Mermaid (aka Nymph)- it doesn't exist.  The Film appears to be pretty low-budget and generally lacks any flashy moments.  On one hand, it is nice to see a Movie that doesn't feature a giant Robot or Superhero.  On the other hand, it isn't that interesting.  I won't say that it is necessarily least not yet.  Why SPOIL all the fun?  To see what all the non-hype is about, read on...
Our Heroes are going out on a Yacht trip with a friend out in lovely Tunisia.  Tunisia- come for the views, but stay...since you get killed by our Sirens.
The trio meet a crazy man who is trying to kill a seemingly-innocent young woman.  I can't help but compare this to Nymph, especially since that Film had Franco Nero in a variation of this role.
They save the woman and are stuck with her for a while since the boat was damaged by the man.  Time to meander!
She seems to be working her magic on the men by being topless just out of view and singing.
Of course, her effects don't seem to just affect the men.  Look away, Utah!!!
As the Film meanders to a point, the men start getting hyper-edited, confusing visions that scare them.  This poor Editor worked over time!
She eventually sort of reveals that she's evil, but doesn't actually become a monster.  I guess She-Creature had more of a Budget- oh well.
Will her vague powers to cause over-edited shots be too much for them?
Can the Film's lone, normal woman save the day or is it too late?  To find out, watch the Film.
I wanted to like this one.  It isn't really bad, but boy is it hard to keep your interest.  The pace is slow and measured, followed by random spurts of 'ooh, look at this dream sequence!'  It is rare that a Film gives you whiplash- save for Iron Man 2-, but this is one of those cases.  It is like having a random crazy person grab you and tell you about how you're going to die while you're walking in a Park.  Speaking of which, I get it, Crazy Phil- I'm going to die!  I heard you the first 50 times!  Personal space, man!  Anyhow, let me approach this more nicely.  The Acting is fine, the Film is shot well and the Island they shoot on looks nice.  It is the kind of place that you'd like to visit (provided you want to go to Tunisia).  It just doesn't make for a consistently-interesting Film due to jerky Editing substituting for scares/effects, a too-measured pace and not much of an overall pay-off.  On the plus side, it is one of the few Films to do its own blurring for me!
Next up, I venture into a new batch of random, blind Reviews.  Mystery is fun, right?  Stay tuned...

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