Friday, March 25, 2016

My Crazy Youth: That Time Batman Fought That Interspecies Criminal Couple!

This time Batman is up!  Will his crazy out-match Superman's?

This Episode is another Steve Gerber Episode from Season/Series 4.  What can I say- the guy writes crazy and that Season provides it!
This is Baby Doll, a former TV Star (a la Gary Coleman) who once tried to kill her castmates.  She runs a Hotel now.
This is Killer Croc, a mutant criminal who was recently-arrested.
The former sees the latter as a kindred spirit that is misunderstood, so she frees him.
The pair now become a criminal duo, using their strength and...ability to look like a child in unison.  Why not?!?
She discovers that Croc has no romantic interest in her and goes for floozies instead.

Do I even want to know if his genitals are like that of a Crocodile's now?  Do I want to Google Search 'Crocodile Genitalia?'  No, no I don't.
When Baby Doll gets dumped, she tricks him into going to a Nuclear Power Plant that she plans to blow up.  What did he think that they would steal from there again?
 In the End, Batman and company stop the explosion and Baby Doll feels sad.  They are never seen again, so...yea?  The End.
 Still weird.  Since Steve Gerber is no longer with us, I can't ask him what kind of logic came up here.  In Season 3, Baby Doll was a one-off Villain with a clear goal- kill the Cast- that failed to do it.  In Season 4, she's now back and in love with a man who looks like a Crocodile.  I don't see the connection.  If it is just that he's 'misunderstood,' then couldn't she fall for someone like Scarecrow?  Oh right- he had a skull face this Season, so forget I said anything.  Yes, she is actually older than him ( I think) due to the disease and all.  My issue isn't even her look like she's a little girl- it is the Crocodile thing.  I won't dwell on his crocodile thing anymore though.  Getting past that odd hurdle, the Story takes some nice turns.  I do have to wonder how quickly she worked up new gadgets based on her appearance- like a ball that explodes into sleeping gas- so fast.  Was there like a 5 month gap between Croc appearing on TV and him being transported to Prison?  He must have a great Lawyer!  I'd hire him, but he's both fictional and probably dead (since I think Croc ate him!).  Seeing the monster-looking character be manipulated by Baby Doll and her turn is quite neat though.  I won't deny that Steve Gerber was a *good* Writer by any means- just a weird one.  Now let's see Batgirl kick this 'little girl'- since it's okay as long as you're the same Gender!
Even today, I find this to be all kinds of weird.  Steve Gerber did hook up an alien-duck creature and a lady, so I guess that was just his thing.

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