Monday, March 21, 2016

Quick Reviews: Girls Against Boys

I'm a guy, so this should be right up my alley.  I sure do love to be targeted too, so bonus!
Our Heroine (The Flash's Danielle Panabaker) is a nice, normal girl.  I'm sure that nothing bad will happen...
 A nice, friendly night with a guy ends badly when he rapes her right in front of her Apartment.  She seeks solace in a mysterious redhead when the Police are no help.
It takes a bit of work, but the pair track down the culprit.  His fate, well, it isn't good.  No SPOILERS.
Why stop at just one kill when there are so many possible victims?  Murder is like Pringles!
When things seem to take a turn for the better, can happiness really happen?  To find out, watch the Film.  The End.
Not quite what I expected, but is that a bad thing?  Girls Against Boys is much less graphic and 'shocking' than I expected.  It has all of the airs of a Rape-Revenge Film a la I Spit on Your Grave (which keeps getting Sequels!).  It certainly sounds like just another one of those Films.  The difference- well, many, to be honest.  For one thing, the majority of the 'shocking' content is not shown.  The Rape Scene isn't really shown, but mostly-just-implied.  The only Nudity in the Film comes later and definitely not in the way I was expecting.  It is not a Film lacking in violence by any means, but it doesn't revel in it.  The most graphic bit- the part where our Heroine takes her revenge- is done in a way that could probably be shown on Television.  Granted- The Walking Dead gets away with alot these days, but you get my point.  What actually is supposed to happen is by no means pleasant, but it isn't anything like the kind of things Greg Nicotero must see in his sleep by now.  The Film takes a pretty realistic look at both sides of the revenge mind-set and puts it all into perspective pretty well.  Like Final Girl, it does enough right that I can excuse any minor issues.  See it or don't- nobody is pointing a gun at your head...
A tamer, more arty kind of Rape-Revenge Film.  It hits a kind of awkward middle that probably works for less people than they think though.

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