Thursday, March 17, 2016

Holiday Syfy Crap: Leprechaun's Revenge (aka Red Clover)

Without WWE Films or Lionsgate, we can still get crappy Leprechaun Films.  After covering a Full Moon Film last year, this is almost a blessing.  Instead I've got a 2012 Film called Leprechaun's Revenge aka Red Clover to discuss.  This is most notable as a Syfy Channel Film- it was even on the Network today, in fact!  The Film is a slight rip-off of The Fog, only with a Midwestern Village full of Irish folks.  No Ghost Pirates this time- just a Leprechaun.  This is all pretty routine stuff, just using the Leprechaun stuff as a new veneer.  Hey look- Billy Zane.  You were once in Titanic and now you're a Small Town Sheriff battling a Leprechaun.  I bet you wish you'd gone down with the ship, right?  I'd say that the Director- Drew Daywalt- doesn't have a stellar Resume, but he did Direct an Episode of Extreme Dinosaurs!  I wonder how much fun those guys were to work with?  In any case, this is probably best with a pint (or two), so let's dig in...
Out in the Woods, a mysterious evil lurks, waiting to rise again.  You aren't the lady from The Guild, are you?
Our Heroine finds a red clover- roll credits!- and plucks it, accidentally unleashing said evil.  Oops.
This evil is the somewhat-titular Leprechaun, although he looks more like Pan from Pan's Labyrinth (if it was made for like $1,000).  He kills lots of folks for no good reason.
The secret of its existence lies in the mind of our Heroine's Grandfather (William Devane).  It is so silly that, well, I'm just going to tell you.

A bunch of Irish Immigrants caught a Leprechaun, shipped it to the United States with them and used its good luck to create a Town.  When it turned sour, they buried it for a couple hundred years.

Sum it up for me, Mr. Devane.
Can our Heroine unite her strained Family and her disparate friends to stop the creature?  Can she drink green beer in peace once again?  To find out, watch the Film.
Nothing all that interesting.  Leprechaun's Revenge really is just an alternate version of The Fog.  If that doesn't bother you (or you haven't seen The Fog), that's fine.  If you know Horror Films really well, this will just feel all too familiar.  That doesn't mean that it is really bad or worthless- just underwhelming.  The creature looks good at times, but its horns do look a little too bouncy at times.  You're not bone- you're foam rubber, aren't you?!?  I'll take Practical Effects how and when I can get them though.  The whole Story is just plain silly.  The majority of the Cast is just underdeveloped killer fare.  For example, the Bar Owner is killed and is blood splashes over his cheerful Sign.  It's funny because death isn't pleasant!  He was torn to pieces and that sure isn't fun!  Without SPOILing too much, the Film takes an oddly-somber tone for what it is and ends kind of suddenly.  Way to leave me...confused.  Oh well- still better than Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood.  It is also good to know that the obsession with Gold has rubbed off on one of its Stars...
Not the worst you've ever seen, but not really that great either.  It is pretty sub-par stuff overall.

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