Sunday, March 27, 2016

Immediate Response: Batman v Superman- Dawn of Justice

Nothing like seeing a bloated, big-budget Hollywood Spectacle Film on Easter.  Praise Superman!
The Good
* It has all sorts of spectacle, explosions and big Action.
* This Batman suit is more like the Comics Version that I prefer- Black and Gray.  Other parts of the Character...not so much though.
* Wonder Woman is an interesting Character here, even if we know next to nothing about her.

Okay, so here's what you were waiting for...
The Bad
* Batman shoots people, works with Lex Luthor (indirectly, mind you) and quotes Dick Cheney.  No, just no.
* The whole 'Superman must be evil because of Event X' felt very hollow, considering that his 'victims' were shot.  Plus, it is one of the first Scenes, so nothing is set up properly here.
* Wonder Woman has next to no build-up in the Film.  Yes, she has a Solo Film coming soon, but that is all about what happened 100 years ago.  Even Black Widow had more build up via 'Iron Man 2.'
* I don't like this Lex Luthor.  He's all of the bluster of Hackman, but none of the charm or presence.
* The Dream Sequences have to go.  They are just cheap filler.
* It is rare that a Film stops cold to tease other Films.  It happens here like 2 hours in and right before the Climax.  Even the Cave Scene from Avengers 2 felt less hollow than this!
* Doomsday's inclusion here is interesting, but so late in the Film that it doesn't work like it should.  Never mind all the logical questions related to how Luthor pulls it off.
* As everyone has said, the Film overall is too dark and long.

So much promise.  So much spectacle.  So little pay-off.

I don't like to be this negative, but I was really hoping to be wrong about this one.  I was not.

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