Thursday, March 24, 2016

Poor Bastards of Cinema: It Waits (2005)

It Waits features lots of murders and death.  Even so, this one stands out to me for a few reasons...

This is our Heroine's Boss.  He's possibly a dick, but bear in mind that she's moping about, drinking and not doing her job.  She's earned some cynicism, you know.
After a lot of strange stuff, he comes out to see her.  They are driving away when they run across something creepy- the posed body of a guy she met earlier.
As they try to figure out what is going on (especially considering that he knows nothing about the monster), they hear a noise overhead and...
It drops the body of the boyfriend (which it dug up earlier) onto the boss, killing him.  Figures- he fell right in that salsa!
This guy didn't do anything, other than be skeptical of his drunk, inefficient employee.  That deserved death?

The moral: never help Park Rangers.

The Mohr you know!

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