Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bob's Birthday Review: Doggy Poo

This Film is about shit.  I'm not even swearing this time- it really is!  Today's Film is Doggy Poo, a South Korean Animated Film about, well, guess.  This is what Bob requested I do for his Birthday.  I give him Werner Herzog Films about Socialism and he gives me a Cartoon about poop.  What does that say about us?  Basic backstory: this Disc was part of a Random Box of Anime purchased by Bob quite a while ago.  He held on to this one for a while, even if it did get dry and stinky.  Zing!  All kidding aside, this is a Claymation Cartoon about dog shit.  For South Korean Children!  You know it isn't North Korean, since Kim Jong-Un never once took a shit.  That's a true (stated only in North Korea) 'fact!'  This poor little guy wonders what life has in store for him.  I wonder about whether or not the food that said Dog ate to make said shit was alive.  If it wasn't, what part of the digestive process created life?  Is a Dog's colon the key to creating life itself?!?  Am I overthinking this?!?  Do I always do that?!?  This is all sorts of strange, but let's see if I can scoop some humor out of it...
A dog takes a poop.

Considering the kind of stuff I watch, that is STILL probably the weirdest opening description I've ever written.  I've reviewed Rapeman!
Said Poo is now alive for some reason and can't help but be picked on by nature.  How does it feel pain exactly?
He later meets a clump of soil that looks like that Poo Creature from Banjo-Kazooie.  It is all mopey and sad, making it Morrisey Soil.
After said soil is saved by its Owner- no 14th Amendment for soil!-, a Leaf shows up.  Since this 30 minute Cartoon has so little Plot, they tell us what just happened four minutes ago!

Well, that or it was made for Kids.  Whichever one is funnier, I guess.
After the leaf leaves, the snow falls and then thaws (how much time has passed exactly?), the Poo is greeted by a Hen who must decide whether or not to eat him.  I just wrote that sentence...
Some time after the Hen leaves, a Dandelion Blossom grows near the Poo.  They discuss life and the former eventually convinces the latter to give itself up to help the former grow.

This is creepier than intended to more than just me, right?
The flower grows and shoots its blossoms across the (clay) land.  The Poo had a purpose after all!

To die and make someone else grow, that is.  Hurray?  The End.
This Film is the...weirdest Cartoon I've seen in a while.  What did you think I was going to say?  The whole thing is just very strange.  It is a Morality Tale starring a talking Dog Poo.  Does this make sense to anyone else?  I get what the message overall is- everything has a purpose- but this is certainly a weird way to tell the Story.  The whole thing definitely knows what it wants to be about, even if it is actually about a talking poo (not named Mr. Hankey).  I suppose the moral is nice enough, but what an odd way to portray it!  Some soil who feels guilt for plants dying.  A leaf that ponders why it has no control over where the wind takes it.  A dandelion that happily suggest that you melt to provide it sustenance.  Nature is weird.  All in all, this is a very strange bit of Animation.  Mind you, it is not the weirdest use of Claymation I've seen...
Happy belated Birthday, Bob.  Look forward to some equally-strange comeuppance in July...

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