Saturday, July 25, 2015

Twin Piqued: Double Play

Another Saturday and another trip to the crazy Town of...
Big events go down!  Investigation, assault and lots of melodrama.
Important Stuff
- Cooper reveals his back-story to Truman related to Windom Earle.  He fell for the guy's wife while he was protecting her, but she died.  He thinks that Windom killed her!
- Big Ed seems to be freed up to go after his long-lost love, while the guy in the way is now going to go back to Jail.

- Major Briggs shows up, says that he thinks that he was at The White Lodge and then leaves.

- Leo is awake and tries to kill his wife.  After meeting with Audrey, Bobby goes home to save her.  Leo is wounded and flees.
- Ben Horne continues to be crazy, while the town Doc says that Nicky isn't a killer.  Is that the end of this Story?

- The Mayor tries to kill his dead brother's wife, but they end up together.  He's been dead for 2 days?

- Pete learns the truth about Josie's husband and who they think tried to kill him- Thomas Eckhardt.
- James' Soap Opera story seems to end with him leaving with Donna as the Police investigate the (unseen) death of the woman's spouse.  That was sudden, right?

- At the very end, we see Leo wander to a Cabin in the Woods (not that one!) and meet...Windom Earle!  Oh shit.
The simple one here is Ghosts of the Past.  Not much has changed, but...

- James' past finds him in the form of Donna.
- The sins of Cooper's past return via Windom.
- The man from Josie and Catherine's past returns.
- Ben Horne channels the Civil War as he goes more insane.
I still have to ask- why is he a Southern General?
Weird Moment(s)
In Nadine's absence, Ben Horne takes the cake for his mental regression as a Southern General.  To help secure the spot though...
The Doctor is back, observing Ben from a large chair like a Lifeguard!  Weird.
This one leaned a bit more towards the weird, but it was still quite good.  James' silly Story seems to have wrapped up quickly.  It wasn't a bad one, but it wasn't really my take.  It didn't turn into To Die For, so kudos there.  The story with the Mayor and his dead brother's Widow took a weird, but expected turn.  You have odd taste, Teen Witch!  The Ben Horne stuff isn't really going anywhere that I can tell, but at least it is so bizarre that it is funny.  The Nicky stuff seemed to stop cold...or did it?  Seeing Leo finally awake and active was nice.  Will he ever live up to how bad-ass he thinks he is?  The bit at the end with him and Windom Earle makes me really intrigued.  Will Cooper and Truman be up to the task?  This turn isn't too much of a surprise, I will admit, but it is still so neat that I can't wait to see what happens.  As a bonus, we get David Warner- win, win.  I'm stoked to see what happens next.  Here's an interesting factoid for you: the one-time Episode Director here would go on to make a Film that many of you may have heard of...
Next week, what will Windom Earle do next?  Is Cooper up to the task?  See you then...

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