Saturday, July 11, 2015

Twin Piqued: The Black Widow

After a week off for a Holiday, we return once again to the wacky Town of...
This week, a death, a bunch of crazy stuff and a return!
Important Stuff
- The Mayor dies!  He dies on his Honeymoon, so you figure it out.

- Stuck with nothing to do, Cooper looks for a Cabin to stay in.  He finds a strange one, which turns out to be a place that Renault used for a Drug Deal earlier.
- Catherine abuses Josie a bit, but nothing major comes of it (yet).

- Andy and the Gang find out that Nicky has a curious History with Adopted Parents.  Hey look- Molly Shannon!
- James' situation continues to get more like a Soap Opera and continues to look like To Die For.

- Nidia makes the Wrestling Team.  More on that later.

- Some pictures that Mr. Horne paid Ben for present evidence connecting Renault to the Mountie, Norma's estranged Husband Hank and her Father-in-Law.  With Denise's help, Cooper sets up a trap.
After learning earlier in the day that the messages about Cooper came from the Woods, we see the Major return at the end!
Is he the Red Baron?
There are two notable Themes here.  The minor one is Secrets.

- We learn about the source of the transmissions.
- James' situation gets complicated and full of secrets.
- Catherine is keeping a big one from Josie (for now!)
The other Theme is the more major one: Mysterious People.

- Nicky and his past are strange.  There must be something there.
- All things considered, Major Briggs is still pretty damn mysterious.
- The couple that James is staying with (plus the Brother) are very mysterious.
- The Mayor's now-widowed-Spouse is seems to be enchanting all of the men in the Precinct.  Mysterious!
Holy crap- that's the chick from Teen Witch!
Weird Moment(s)
Nidia joins the Wrestling Team by showing her strength and press-slamming the Captain- Mike Nelson.  She also has the hots for him, which scares the poor guy.

As a bonus, Dick tells Andy that Nicky is 'the Devil,' which leads to this great visual.
Fun stuff.  This is another one of the Episodes without a big, big moment in it.  After that last-minute reveal in the previous Episode, it would be hard to top.  We get a death, but it is of a Character we barely know.  It does lead to some interesting (and confusing) stuff with his Widow though.  I'm curious where that is going.  James' situation is a bit too Soap Opera-y for me, but it is still interesting overall.  The stuff with Nicky and Nadine turned out to be some fun (and strange) distractions.  The whole Nadine thing is just super-silly and they are obviously aware of it.  Little things- like teasing Nadine and Ed getting back together- are interesting to see here too.  The stuff with Major Briggs is certainly odd.  The main Plot stuff with Cooper and Denise is certainly building up nicely.  The duo are working the case, oddly helped by Ben Horne (via random chance) and Audrey (intentionally).  Duchovny really disappears into the role, which is quite nice.  Lastly, we get a little peak at the ongoing Story between Cooper and his crazy ex-Partner, which has been on a slow burn.  All of this keeps me watching and keeps me guessing, so kudos to them.  Since I neglected to use it last time, here is a shot of Deputy Hawk meeting up with Duchovny again- this time on The X-Files.
Next week, the mysteries deepen!  Are we really going to get Aliens on Twin Peaks?  Stay tuned...

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