Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rare Flix: Horror Planet (aka Inseminoid)

Am I feeling deja vu all over again?  Today's Film is Horror Planet, a Movie that just felt so familiar.  I had to look it up or it would have just bothered the whole time.  I finally figured it out- this is Inseminoid!  I watched that Film back in 2012 and didn't think much of it.  For whatever reason, I didn't Review it.  Oh well- I might as well do it now.  Released in most places in 1981 (and 1982 in the U.S.), this Film suffers from a comparison to a far more famous Film- Alien.  Is that fair?  Kind of, yeah.  This isn't as much of a direct knock-off as stuff like Monster, but it is pretty damn similar.  Like Ridley Scott's Film, a group of people end up on a Planet and one of them gets 'knocked up' by an Alien creature.  Unlike that Film, the killer is actually the pregnant lady!  There are other differences too, but we'll discuss that in the actual Review.  To find out if you should check this one out or keep avoiding it, read on...
On a desolate Planet, some Humans are mining the mysterious rock.  Even before J.J. Abrams, they manage to one-up his use of the lens flare!
One of them is taken out after being exposed to some rocks that exploded.  He goes crazy when he wakes up, but that is just the beginning...
Is it worth noting that this Planet's sky is super-bright Pink?  I thought it was.
One of the crew gets inseminated (hence the official Title) by some Aliens and goes a bit crazy too.
She starts killing off members of the Crew with weights, flamethrowers and even her bare hands.  This is the toughest lady since Mrs. Voorhees!
As the crew gets whittled down, she gives birth to two freaky Aliens.  In an inversion of Alien, the woman is impregnated and the creatures' faces look like, well, lady parts.
With just two Crew members remaining, our Final Guy (!) chokes out the Aliens' momma and find his lady dead.

In the British Ending, we see him attacked by the other Alien and that's it.  In America though...
We get an Epilogue showing the Ship they were waiting for arriving, seeing the carnage and then leaving...with some Stowaways!  The (other) End.
A decent effort...but it is no Alien.  Yes, the Director claims that there is nothing to the comparison.  Furthermore, he says that Fox Studios wished them luck and had no problem with their Film.  Whatever you say, buddy.  To be fair, let me put this into comparison.  Alien had a Budget about $11 million, while Inseminoid had about $1 million (in Pounds).  Alien was Written by Dan O'Bannon- who wrote Blue Thunder-, while Inseminoid was Written by Nick & Gloria Malley- who only Wrote...this.  Ridley Scott has Directed Films that have made millions of dollars, while Norman J. Warren made...Terror and Alien Prey.  Here's a big difference for you: Alien flips the cliche and has the male Crew Members 'knocked up' by the Female Xenomorph (as much as I can tell) Spawn.  Inseminoid has none of that and steps back to disappointing cliche.  Oh well.  To highlight the positives, the Film does get a good Star Performance out of its crazy, Female Lead.  She doesn't play the role in a remotely-subtle way, but it is cheesy, convincing fun.  Other than her, the Acting is pretty dry and the Writing does them no favors.  Yes, it is by one-time Screenwriters and the Film was put together in about month after a different Film fell through.  The Film works on a few levels, but fails on so many more.  It is an interesting and flawed Film that isn't *just* an Alien Rip-Off.  No, it is also a Demon Seed Rip-Off (even originally being called Doom Seeds).  Hey- don't look at me like that!
Next up, I take care of another Foreign Film before the Holidays.  Can the Film team-up that was not to be stand up on its own?  Stay tuned...

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