Saturday, July 18, 2015

Twin Piqued: Checkmate

It is a rainy Saturday all around, so let's dry off over in...
This is a big one!  Death (a major one), intrigue and surprises.  Oh boy.
Important Stuff
- Major Briggs speaks of cryptic stuff that happened while he was gone, but he does mention an Owl, a great Fire (Walk With Me?) and that the Government is looking for the White Lodge.
- Big Ed finally makes move at the woman he loves since Nadine is all-out-crazy.  Her terrible ex-husband attacks him, but doesn't count on Nadine arriving to kick his ass!

- Speaking of Big Ed, he gives one of the Teen Detectives the info she needs to find James.  As for him...

- James is neck-deep in intrigue as he falls for Evelyn,  She's up to something- like making out with her brother!

- The bust with Denise (now dressed as Dennis again) and the Stepdad goes awry and Cooper lets himself be a hostage.  Denise makes a play and Cooper manages to kill Renault!
- Ben Horne is just plain nuts, but Catherine says that she still loves him.  Weird.

- Andy and Dick get stuck at the Orphanage while trying to get info on Nicky.

- Back at the Station, an unseen (budget, I guess) explosion causes fluctuating power in the area.  During this, Leo wakes up!
Cooper goes to Harry's office and finds a dead body set there by Windom Earle!
Fun Fact: 'The Dead Man' is played by Kyle McLachlan's Brother!  Pretty sneaky, Lynch.
Two big ones here.  The first is Reuniting with Lost Loves.

- Big Ed finally makes his move.
- Catherine returns to Ben
- Harry and Josie have a moment.

The other one is The Past.

- Denise resumes her previous dress for the bust.
- Nadine continues to be stuck in the past.
- Cooper's past with Windom Earle comes calling.
- The (fair) mistreatment of Leo may come back to haunt them.
- Ben Horne is stuck in the past- all of the way back to the Civil War!
Is it worth asking why he thinks that he is a Southern General when Twin Peaks is up North?
Weird Moment(s)
With so much good going on, there wasn't as much full-on crazy.  There were plenty of little things...

- Nadine kissing Mike in the Diner.
- Nadine kicking that dude's ass.
- Seeing Denise dressed back up as Dennis.
- Ben Horne's crazy ranting.
Some big stuff in this one.  They don't tease you too much here- they really deliver.  Some of the dangling Plot Threads- like the bit with Nicky- are left pretty open still, but most get a big moment.  Catherine is back with Ben?!?  Audrey and James working together.  We are finally out of Renault Brothers (right?)!  The big moments are obviously the ones from the end.  Who was that poor dead guy in the Police Station?  How did Windom Earle pull of his big play?  What is his next move?  You also have to wonder about Leo.  Is he fully awake and remembering everything?  How much has he recovered?  When did he really recover?  Was he just biding his time to make his move at the right time?  If all of this isn't enough to keep watching, then nothing is.  This Show keeps me hooked and I have no problem.  Here's an interesting factoid: the Director of this Episode (and 12) actually made a Film that many of you may know...
Next week, the Plot thickens as new dangers rear their ugly heads.  Will they find the Lodge?  See you then...

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