Monday, July 20, 2015

Quick Reviews: Imprint (Masters of Horror)

My last trip to Japan as part of the Show was less than impressive, so how will this one go?
At long last, I cover the one Masters of Horror Episode so shocking that Showtime wouldn't air it!
In 17th Century Japan, a strange man (Billy Drago) goes to a creepy Island on a mission.
The Island is a den of depravity, sickness and prostitution.  It is slightly worse than Branson.
He is there to find his lost love, but only finds a different, deformed prostitute.  The woman proceeds to tell him the Story of what happened to her.
He doesn't exactly get the kind of news he was hoping for, but suspects that there is more to the Story.
He presses her hard for the truth and gets it.  It is not pretty and it sure as hell isn't good!
When he finds the real, unadulterated truth, can Drago handle it?  I wouldn't dare SPOIL this bizarre tale, so watch it for yourself....if you dare.
Yeesh!  It is funny to watch the 'Making Of' Featurette on the Disc and see Miike talk about how he was picked because he did Audition and Ichi the Killer.  He doesn't think of himself as a Horror Director (he does do alot of styles, to be fair), but he made one damn creepy Horror Film here!  The credit for this goes more to the Author of the tale for giving us something so creepy.  The imagery and depravity on the display is pretty disturbing.  One of the interesting things they cover in the Making Of is the fact that the Film was done entirely in English with a mostly-Japanese Cast.  I sure as hell couldn't do a Film in Japanese, so kudos to them!  The Story is one that works in a shortened TV Format.  It features freaky people, torture, dark imagery and abuse towards women.  It is NOT for the faint of heart!  The way the Narrative unfolds is interesting as you see events told a few different ways, each one freakier and darker than the last.  By the end, you can't look at the original Version of the Story the same way again.  This is a dark, but solid Film that will please fans of Japanese Horror Films and show why Miike belongs on this Show.  Hey kids, brush your teeth.
Damn- this one is dark, creepy and dramatic.  I still don't think that Showtime should have pulled it...but I at least see what their reason was.

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