Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quick Reviews: Chappie

After not catching this one in Theaters, I might as well join the Robot Revolution...
A nice Engineer has helped develop reliable Robots that take over the Police Force in Johannesburg, South Africa.
This guy (Hugh Jackman) would rather they use his big, bulky Moose design and doesn't like to be ignored.
After a series of events, the Engineer's experimental new Robot with sentience ends up in the hands of these less-than-reputable Criminals.
Will Chappie turn to the dark side or find a way to once again enforce the Law?
This learning Robot begins to find out what life is all about.  Will it all be for naught though?

To find out, watch the movie.  The End.
A good, solid Film.  This one got a mixed Critical Reaction and wasn't a Blockbuster.  I suppose I can see what problems people had with it.  Let's be clear: Neil Blomkamp doesn't make subtle Films.  His messages are pounded in with the subtlety of a Nail Gun.  Let's make this clear: I like Neil Blomkamp Films.  Yes, even Elysium.  I actually thought he was a little more subtle here.  Jackman's villain didn't give any big monologues, while the other villain- a muscular gangsta- was just plain angry.  The biggest thing was just how Chappie's (the Character) played out.  Once he gained sentience, he slowly grew into a strong, understanding Character.  Seeing him mimic He-Man was quite fun too.  His Story feels real and the people around him get a little bit of nuance to help the situation.  A big credit goes Sharlto Copley for bringing innocence, emotion and depth to the Character.  When he feels happy, you feel it too.  When he feels sad, you feel for him.  Everyone here does a good job in playing their Characters.  It is nice to see Jackman playing outside of what he usually does, even if him in Sci-Fi Films involving Robots don't tend to turn out too well financially.  Regardless, I like this Film alot more than some others out there.  I can live with that.  Something else I can live with- finally having a real Indian in a Robot Film...
Despite what I heard alot, I actually liked this one.  I really felt for Chappie, which is the biggest thing this movie had to accomplish.


  1. Me and Christian hated this one sooo goddamn much. Both Die Antwoord members were so fucking annoying, and the story was too much Short Circuit, too much Robocop, not enough charm and entertainment. Bleh.

    1. Meh.

      I'd rather have 'Short Circuit' than that the generic 'Robocop' Remake we got recently. I could related more to Chappie than that guy.

      I had no problem with the non-Actors in their roles. The lady reminded me of that Aussie Blond from 'Road Warrior' and 'Razorback' too, so that helped.