Friday, July 20, 2012

Immediate Response: The Dark Knight Rises

Hi, I'm a giant nerd.  Are you surprised that I went to see this movie today?  No?  Surprised that I didn't go to the Midnight Showing?  Me too, actually.  Sleep was good though.  Let's talk Batman now...
The Good
* This movie is epic.  This adjective/description is used a lot, but it definitely fits the bill here.
* The Acting is great.  With multiple Oscar Winners in the cast- including Bale, Coitalard and Caine-, this should be no surprise.
* The action is good.  Nolan has gotten much better at showing this, showing a real escalation in quality from film to film.
* The Bat Jet/Plane/Helicopter.  Awesome.  The Bat-Bike is kick ass too.
* The film has great nods to the overall continuity, all the while introducing new characters that fit in well.
* The whole thing wraps up well, leaving some room for DC/Warner Bros to do a non-reboot.  Please don't jump right to the reboot- I'm begging you!

The Bad
* The movie is a bit preachy at times.  I like it, but I can see why someone could complain about it though.
* Bane is not quite as interesting as a villain as The Joker.  He's all presence here.  He had pretty damn tough competition.
* The movie is really dark and really bleak at times.  It does make the big moments in the End have more impact, but I can see how many people might find it depressing.

That's it.  Other than the Theater playing the Hans Zimmer soundtrack a bit loud- thanks, THX Sound-, that's all I have to complain about this.

It wraps up the Nolan Batman Trilogy quite well and does well on its own.  Even in the shadow of Heath Ledger's posthumous Oscar winning role, the movie is great.  Go see it.

Let's see what we can do to bump James Cameron out of a stranglehold on the Top 10 Highest-Grossing films list, shall we?

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