Thursday, July 19, 2012

IMDB's Bottom 100 List: Action Required

I checked out the Bottom 100 Films List on IMDB and noticed something that has to be done.

Uwe Boll only has two films there- Alone in the Dark and The House of the Dead.

No, really.

The way the Bottom 100 List works is based on the Star Rating that the film has.  The #1 film- Titanic: The Legend Goes On...- has a rating of 1.4, while the #100 film- The Horror of Party Beach- has a rating of 2.5.

So, this is pretty simple: use your IMDB/IMDB Pro Accounts to give Boll's films the proper rating.

Some of them are damn close to getting in there- Bloodrayne has a 2.8, while Bloodrayne II has a 2.6- and deserve to be there.  Let's make it happen.

P.S. Postal has an aggregate Rating of 4.2- why?!?


  1. I will say that the best part of Alone in the Dark was watching all the people walk out. Bloodrayne II and III should both be on that list.

  2. My Boll ratings so far:

    Alone In The Dark - 2/10
    BloodRayne - 4/10
    BloodRayne 2 - 1/10
    BloodRayne 3 - 5/10
    House Of The Dead - 1,5/10
    Postal - 7/10
    Seed - 3/10

    Call me nuts, but I really, really enjoyed Postal. Totally made me laugh my ass off. Also, Bloodrayne 3 was surprisingly quite decent IMO

  3. Okay, you're nuts.

    In all seriousness, your likes/dislikes never cease to amaze me. You're allowed to like crappy movies all you want.

    Keep it up and we can more Uwe Boll in the Bottom 100.

    Oh and I'd rate 'Bloodrayne 3' higher if the actual villain was Vampire Hitler. Without it, meh.

    1. LOL :D
      Well, you know me: I always try to enjoy the crappy stuff, and mostly I succeed :-)

      I'd like to see Blubberella. This one looks really crappy, possibly a 1/10 or 2/10. Robert totally hates it

      btw, have you ever seen Boll's RAMPAGE? Haven't seen it yet, but holy crap: currently 6,3!!!

      Yeah, it would have been much better with Vampire Hitler. Me hoping for "Bloodrayne: The Fourth Reich" :-)

  4. Horror of Party Beach does not belong in the bottom 100. It IS a piece of shit, but bottom 100?

    Getting Boll's stuff in there is pretty important I'd say. What about the Ernest movies? Are they all in there? I think that's the next step. Then we can start working on everything Adam Sandler has been involved with for the last few years.

  5. One thing I also noticed is that 31 films on the List were done by MST3K or Rifftrax. Some of them- Manos, Red Zone Cuba- definitely deserve it. Other ones, not so much.

    I'm all for more Sandler, but there's a weird set of people that actually like stuff like Grown Ups or Jack & Jill. They're hard to out-vote. It's certainly worth trying though.