Monday, February 6, 2012

VHS For The Win: Fraulein Devil

Those Nazis were certainly in season for a while.  Wait- I should probably rephrase that!  Movies about them were very popular, even into the '80s.  For example...
Hot blondes, torture and Nazis?  That's like the weirdo 'hat trick!'  Way to go, guys!

Next up, a pairing weirder than Whoopi Goldberg and a dinosaur.  This is a kid's movie, apparently.  Stay tuned....


  1. You always showcase the coolest covers! Now get around to reviewing some of them!

  2. The short answer: a lot of them are hard to find.

    The longer answer: I've done some, including 'The Clown Murders,' 'Dreamaniac,' 'Evil Spawn,' 'Digital Man,' 'Wheels of Terror, 'Robot Holocaust, 'Bloody New Year, 'Transmutations' and 'Funland.'

    I'd love to do more. Do you know a place that has 'Outback Vampires' or 'Destroyer' for rental?