Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Is Blind: Living Doll

Let's get ready to...love people!!!  While Valentine's Day is not that big of a deal for me- a single guy- I do realize that a lot of people take it as a big deal.  To that end, I'm going to show my love for, well, love.  For newer readers- hi- here's a lowdown of what Mondo Bizarro has featured on Valentine's Day.  First, a film about a man who rapes people because he's the product of rape...and he falls in love.  Things got softer the second time with a Japanese film about a man who's ghost girlfriend gives him a doll that comes to life.  Let's step away from Asia this year and see if things get less freaky.  SPOILER ALERT- They don't.  Instead, this American film is just about as twisted as my first Valentine's Day film, but with less rape and torture.  In its place- the love story between a man and a corpse.  No, really.  Instead of explaining that, I'll just dive right in and invite you to read on...
Our hero works in the Morgue at a Hospital in NYC and loves the woman who sells flowers there.  She barely knows his name, but he makes up for her lack of interest by stalking her.
Very quickly, things turn bad when she ends up on the slab.  He blames the boyfriend for killing her, naturally.   
He takes it well.  I mean, it's not like he's going to completely snap and take the corpse back to his apartment and...
...oh, I see.  Yeah, he's pretty much nuts here, seeing the corpse as not rotting and even imagining that it talks to him.
As time goes on, the corpse rots even more.  He has to cover the smell by saying that it's due to 'chemicals' that he uses to develop film.  Just a thought- if your apartment is your dark room, that may explain why you're insane!
Speaking of crazy, things get worse and worse as our hero kills the boyfriend that he blamed for the lady's death.  Unfortunately, he gets dumped by the girl even in his own imagination as, well, the guy's corpse takes her from him.
Well, there's only one way for this movie to end.  Gun shot sound.  Fade to black.  The End.
Love means never having to say 'you're rotting.'  This movie is just, well, freaky.  In hindsight, that's not surprising.  This is, after all, a Mondo Macabro release.  They didn't make the movie, but they certainly don't release normal films!  The interesting thing about this movie is that it is so focused on the characters.  A lot of these 'trashy' films tend to focus on the freaky events and the characters come second.  You will get as emotionally-invested in these characters as is possible.  It's weird to write that, but it's true!  The acting is mostly good here, although there is one guy that I have to highlight.  I'm sorry, but his best friend in the movie annoys the crap out of me.  I await the hateful Comment about how I misunderstood him in about six months. The problem- he's basically Eli Roth and is about as two-dimensional as the original Super Mario Bros game. Aside from him, this is a freaky, freaky character study of insanity.  There's not much more to it than though.  The make-up effects are top-notch, which may ruin things for the more squeamish viewers out there.  If you're squeamish and watching a movie about a man falling in love with a corpse, you have issues though.  Take us away, pointless Eartha Kitt role...
Next up, enough romance and back to Seagal.  Jumping ahead to 2003, we get to see the start of the really hilarious shit.  Stay tuned...

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