Thursday, February 23, 2012

(Not So) Immediate Response: Ghost Rider- Spirit of Vengeance

I got a chance to check out the newest- and second- film from the Marvel Knights line: Ghost Rider- Spirit of Vengeance.  I saw it last night, but chose to put my focus on getting my Anniversary piece up first.

With that said, let me break down the film into the Good parts and the Bad parts...

* The Special Effects are great.  New touches- like a burnt skull and 'baked' leather outfit- are nice.
* The film is wacky.  Considering it's by Nevelle/Taylor- the guys behind the Crank films- this is no surprise.
* Cage embraces the silly nature of the whole thing and does some good 'mega-acting.'  The high point: when he interrogates a guy.
* LAMBERT!  Granted, his role is fairly-small, but it is important.  His face tattoos are nice too.
* A great, unique version of Satan.  It's not the same actor from the first film, but he does a damn good job.
* Carrion is a neat villain with a visually-dynamic power.  But...

* This is something that only nerds like me would note, but Carrion is actually a Spider-Man villain.  That's all I'm saying.
* The plot is a bit 'meh' overall.  It just serves to get from Point A to Point B.
* The satirical tone and silly humor- at times- does limit the audience.  That's just me being impartial.
* I wanted some more supernatural stuff.  Most of the time, Ghost Rider is just killing commandos who WORK for Satan.
* Plus, no Satan transformation at the end.  Saving that for the third film?

Should you see it?  If you like the Crank films or like some twisted humor in your Horror/Action films, yes.  If you like straight-laced films, no.  It's not perfect, but it's fun.

If you liked Punisher: War Zone more than The Punisher, you'll love this movie.  I know that I did!

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