Friday, February 24, 2012

Poor Bastards of Cinema: 976 Evil (Part 1)

You can't help but kill random people, Englund!  In his Directorial debut, he gave us a pair of Poor Bastards that share some similarities.

In the opening scene, a guy goes to a phone booth and calls the titular number.  It doesn't end well.
Well, at least it didn't blow up...
Later on, we see this woman walking down the street with the card.  The phone nearby dials itself and calls her.  She has the misfortune to then walk by a Phone Store...
...and it blows up in her face.  Who are you again?
Seriously, these characters have no back-story or set-up.  Hell, I can barely call them 'characters!'  They just die because...well, the movie needed some deaths, I guess!

Next up, a young woman learns the lesson of who not to date in 976 Evil.  She's kind of asking for it though.  Stay tuned...

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