Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Mandrake (Part 2)

At long last, the epic conclusion to random people being killed in the the jungle.

This Poor Bastard of Cinema from Mandrake begins by appearing in the cliche 'Opening Kill' Scene...
...but she doesn't actually die.  She shows up about thirty minutes later as a captive of the killer tribe.  What's going to happen to her?
She's a sacrifice to the evil, tree.  This thing rips her off of the podium and...
...cracks her open like a walnut!  Make a wish!
What does her death do for the film?  Other than add to the body-count, not much more that couldn't be done with simple exposition.  What do you call 'exposition via murder?'

Next up, an example of why you should never hang out with your friends.  Seriously, Lorenzo Lamas will kill you!  Stay tuned...

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