Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Lethal

Spending time with your friends is an important thing.  However, this can often be deadly.  Okay, it's really only like that in Lethal...

Our heroine's sister- the blond- is hanging out with her friends.  Why they're hanging out in front of a Staples, I don't know...
The evil 'Russian' Lamas drives up in his SUV and starts shooting!
All three of her friends- including her boyfriend- are gunned down by the man.  What did they do exactly?
Their death only comes because they hang out with the sister of our hero.  They only appear here to be killed off.  I don't think that they- save for the boyfriend- even have names!

Next up, a two-part look at some people who die for no good reason in an '80s cult classic.  Whatever you do, don't answer the phone!  Stay tuned...

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