Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Saved Queue Finally Pays Off!

Having been a member of Netflix- aka Not Quikster- since July 2005, my Saved Queue has mostly been where Out-of-Print Movies go to linger about in death.  Nothing would go out, but more would go in.

All that has changed!

Okay, a lot of films are still in there, but a bunch just came out.   The list includes past reviews and future ones including...

- Samurai Cop
- Japanese Hell
- Murder Rock
- Satan's Blood
- Pinnochio 964
- 976-Evil
- Howling IV: The Original Nightmare
- Mark of the Astro Zombies
- Rojo Sangre (after three broken discs, mind you)
- Satan's Cheerleaders
- Way of the Vampire
- A film I intend to do for Mother's Day (no SPOILERS now)
- Seizure
- Lady Godiva Rides
- Samurai Resurrection
- Meridian: Kiss of the Beast

Holy crap- right?!?  This should hopefully keep me busy for a while.

Now if films like Embodiment of Evil, To Kako II, The Corpse Grinders II and others would join them, life would be swell!


  1. My saved queue is still waiting on Absentia, The Loved Ones, The Tenant, and Baise Moi. Don't ask about the last one. I'm just sadistically curious.

  2. You really think that you're going to get judgement from the guy who has 'Satan's Cheerleaders' in his Queue?

    Sadistically-curious is my bread and butter, baby.