Monday, May 30, 2011

A Tribute to Movie Soldiers

In honor of Memorial Day, I decided to pay tribute to some of the most committed soldiers in cinema history.

In G.I. Samurai, a group of soldiers end up in Feudal Japan & have to fight for their lives.  I bet you didn't see that in the brochure, guys!
Semper Fi!  Starship Troopers is a film full of committed and bad-ass soldiers.  These guys don't take crap...until they get ripped apart by pincers.
Lastly, the Emperor has a very direct approach for his army in Starcrash- he shoots them in ships shaped like missiles at the enemy!
How do you sign up for an army that fires you in a missile at the enemy?  That requires some serious balls!

Seriously though, Memorial Day is an important day for actual soldiers.  More power to you, guys!

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