Friday, May 6, 2011

Immediate Response: Thor (2011)

Just got back from a showing of Thor.  I didn't pay extra to watch it in 3-D, so bear that in mind.

The Good
* The film looks gorgeous.  The visuals are bright, colorful and fantastic.
* All of the acting is good.  Hemsworth definitely has a future if he plays his cards right.  He's far better than Eric Allen Kramer!
* The plot balances the story between Asgard and Earth.
* More great Avengers hype.  However...

The Bad
* Putting the line 'Thor Will Appear in The Avengers' is a bit silly.  Who is he- James Bond?!?
* I'm sure that some people will want more Asgard and less Earth or vice versa.  I didn't have a problem with it (see above), but I can kind of see where people might.
* The comic relief character is a bit forced.  Some people may even question the comedy as whole being in there.

As a whole, I really liked Thor.  I highly-recommend it to anyone who has been on the fence about it.  Marvel is finding ways to deliver on their properties.

Is it just a place-holder for The Avengers.  No.

Check it out, folks (in 3-D or not)!

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  1. Good to hear you liked it! Always good when a comic book film gets a thumbs-up from my most comic-book-nerdy buddy. ^_^