Saturday, May 7, 2011

Immediate Response: Almighty Thor

The stars aligned and I was home to watch the Syfy Channel premiere of Almighty Thor.  Damn you, stars!

The Good
* C. Thomas Howell wasn't in it.
* Some of the CG monsters are creative, if not well-executed.
* While he's not a good actor, Kevin Nash has a presence.

The Bad
* The plot sucks.  The special effects suck.  The casting is not even that good either.
* They re-use footage from Monster (the demolished buildings with smoke plumes)...which itself was re-used in Death Racers and The 7 Adventures of Sinbad.
* They re-use footage from 2009's Dragonquest (the establishing shots of mountains).
* They re-use locations from Alien vs. Hunter (the woods) and Mega-Shark vs. Gatoroid (The Bronson Caves).
* Thor is a terrible hero.  He fails miserably on several occasions and never listens to help.  He succeeds by pure chance and is always needing saving.
* Valhalla is a CG Castle...which is European in design.  Thank you, Poser.
* 80% of the film takes place in Los Angeles.  It's Masters of the Universe all over again!
* Mjolnir is a big rock strapped to a stick.  That's all I need to say.
* Thor utters the line: 'Damn the fabric of reality!'  Words...words fail me.

So yeah, this is NOTHING compared to the Marvel film.  Watch that.  Skip this one.

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  1. Though you do have to admit, "Damn the fabric of reality!" will probably start working its way into our conversations now. Probably during Munchkin Quest.