Friday, May 20, 2011

Criswell Predicts: Visions of Our Future/Past

With all this talk about Armageddon coming on Saturday, I wanted to take a look at a less famous prediction.  It comes from a man we all know and love- Criswell.  Yes, the man who said "Future events such as these will affect you in the future" predicted the end of the world.  It comes to us from the book 'Criswell Predicts: From Now Until the Year 2000.'

"The world as we know it will cease to exist, as I have stated previously in this volume, on August 18, 1999.

A study of all the prophets-Nostradamus, St. Odile, Mother Shipton, the Bible--indicates that we will cease to exist before the year 2,000! Not one of these prophets even took the trouble to predict beyond the year 2000! And if you and I meet each other on the street that fateful day, August 18, 1999, and we chat about what we will do on the morrow, we will open our mouths to speak and no words will come out, for we have no future ... you and I will suddenly run out of time!"

That sure is bleak.  Bear in mind that the book also predicted stuff like this...

I predict that John F. Kennedy, Jr. will serve the state of Massachusetts as a U. S. Senator but will not seek the presidency of the United States.  
I predict our courts will be run in a very methodical manner. Within twenty-four hours after a crime is committed the defendant will be tried before a tribunal of twelve men who will run all the evidence through a computer. The machine will judge you guilty or innocent. If you are guilty, it will tell you what the penalty will be: a fine, how many days in jail or perhaps death itself.
I PREDICT that the present government of Russia will continue until 1973, when a new leader will appear on the Soviet scene and cause great changes in that country. In the five years of his rule, he will lead Russia into a Free Enterprise system, with only a few labels of Communism remaining.

So yeah, none of that happened.  He also predicts that Satan will rule the world from 1976 to 1988, that an aphrodisiac spray will be loose in America and that a ray from outer space will turn all of the steel in Denver, Colorado into rubber.  No, really.

Oh right, the world also didn't end 11 years ago.  I forgot that little fact.

To see the whole thing, go to this great page:

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