Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thor's-day Film Selection

With the release of Thor coming tomorrow (hurray!), I thought I'd throw some suggestions out for those people seeking some other Thor-related films to watch this weekend...

Thor and the Amazon Women is an old-school classic.  It's not going to be much like the new film though.
Holy flexing, Batman!  Thor the Conqueror is all about steroid abuse, action and...a sword?  Swing and a miss.
Hulk Vs. is a great set involving two, slightly-shorter animated films.  In the first one, Hulk is tricked into attacking Asgard.  It's great.
There's also the Asylum film (Almighty Thor), but it's not available on Disc though.  I guess we'll have to settle for the Syfy Channel premiere.  If you need to wet your appetite, here's the trailer.  It' Asylum film.

Speaking of not on Disc, there's this film...
The less said about this film starring the oldest son from Home Improvement, the better.  Enjoy your Thor's-day. 

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