Thursday, October 21, 2010

R.I.P. (Quite Frankly) Too Many People

Seriously, I hate having to do these.  They're depressing.  That said- I feel bad for ignoring this stuff for too long.  Here are the ones that I've been putting off talking about...

*Tony Curtis died after 85 years on this Earth.  He made dozens of films, appeared on-screen with Marilyn Monroe (see below) and appears in the world's only film about a killer tumor/Indian spiritualist- The Manitou.  While it's not a great film, there's no dissing his role here- or the fact that he spawned Jamie Lee Curtis.
* Simon MacCorkindale was a long-running actor on television and in film.  His most famous- and infamous- role was as the star of Manimal.  That's a classic thing to have on your resume and nothing to sneeze at.  Not everyone gets to star in cult shows, after all.
* Stephen J. Cannell produced the freaking A-Team!  That's all I need to say.  He will be missed.
* Greg Giraldo had a great career as a touring comic and the break-out star of the Comedy Central Roasts of _____ and __________.  Nobody ever had bad things to say about him (that weren't jokes) and his death is a loss for us all.
* Tom Bosley was an iconic actor known for his roles on both Happy Days and Father Dowling Mysteries.  There's no question that his legacy will last for decades to come.

Just for juxtaposition...
Bob Guccione was the founder of Penthouse and, of course, the unofficial producer of Caligula.  Who else could insert lots of sex into a Shakespearean-style film about a famous Roman Emperor.  While you may not like porn (weirdo), he is still an icon.
I should also mention a few others that took place.  They include...
- Gloria Stuart
- Benoit Mandelbrot (the guy who created Fractals)
- Leonard Skinner (the man Lynrd Skynrd is named after)
- James Bacon
- Kevin McCarthy (star of UHF and Invasion of the Body Snatchers)
-Roy Ward Baker (director of numerous Amicus/Hammer films)

Again- I hate having to do these.  No offense, the recently-dead.

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