Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mondo Dictionary: European Horror Ending

This one has been a long time coming and, quite frankly, I'm amazed that I haven't done this before.  After all, I must have referenced it at least a dozen times so far...

Going back to the '50s and 60s, European horror films gained a bigger audience in America.  When we started seeing them, we noticed an interesting trend.  Their movies did not always have happy endings.  In fact, many of them end with everyone dying and the monster/killer winning.  This inspired us...

More American films decided to take this idea as their own, adding bleak endings to their tales.  This trend was met with both success...

* Jeepers Creepers got a lot of hype and praise for it's shocking ending.

...and disapproval.

* Army of Darkness made people so mad with its bleak ending that a new- illogical one- was shot.

Without those film pioneers who dared to depress us, we wouldn't have famous film endings like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Count Yorga, Vampire.

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