Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Requiem For an Unavailable Movie

There are just some movies that I never see.  I add them for the sake of adding them, but can just never commit to actually seeing them.  Movies like Psychic Killer, Drive-In and Graveyard Disturbance keep ending up in my Queue until I go 'I'm not going to ever see this!' and remove it...only to add it a week later.  What's the point of all of this?

This is my little requiem for all of those movies in our Netflix Queues that become 'Unavailable' before we can rent them...

Oh Embryo- how I was ambivalent about your British horror,
Dear Black Demons- who I was afraid would suck,
Sweet Candyman 2- I was actually planning to review you,
Watch Me When I Kill- I was going to watch you probably suck,
I would have loved to see you, From Beijing With Love.

Obviously, there are more I've had over my years with Netflix, but you get the idea.  I hope you enjoyed my randomness.


  1. Candyman 2 is the obvious winner on that list, trust me on this one man it isnt as shitty as one might expect, I actually like elements of it better than the first if you can believe it! Black Demons has some sweet ass eye gouging too!

  2. Eye-gouging in an Italian zombie flick- I would never have guessed.

    In regards to 'Candyman 2,' I was honestly going to review it last month or so when the middle one vanished. I'm making efforts to get my hands on a copy though.

    That same shit happened with the 'Puppet Master' films. They re-released all seven (not counting 'Axis'), but Part 2 is out-of-print again.