Thursday, June 24, 2010

Impossibly-Lazy Cover Art: The Killer Eye

The good folks over at Full Moon Entertainment have had many a good ribbing at my expense.  I'd like to make it up to them a little bit with this tribute to their business savvy in film marketing.  Check out the VHS box to their 1999 classic Headless Eyes....
Aside from being out of context (the lady on the box is in the film, but not as the monster) and using incorrect grammar (there's only one eye), this is a good box.  It make me curious to see the film.  However, I can't help but get a feeling of deja vu when I see it...
That's right- the DVD box has the movie retitled and recolored.  You didn't even hardly try there, did you guys?  By the way, it's still the wrong lady.

Incidentally, in case you didn't see my review during Full Moon Week, this film sucks.  It's slow, stupid and mostly an excuse to show long, tedious nude scenes.  I know that those three words rarely go together, but it is true here.

Next up, this is another special, so no follow-up.  Or is there?  No, probably not.


  1. Lazy packaging for a lazily made film. Easily among the worst from Full Moon on every level.

  2. Considering that this is the same group of people who made 'Doll Graveyard,' 'Blood Dolls' and 'Skull Heads,' that's saying a lot.

    As a bonus, my DVD of it lacks a lot of their usual stuff, since it was apparently released during that brief time that they were not Full Moon. Not that I wanted to watch a 'Behind the Scenes' look at that piece of crap, but I would like to have the option! :-)

  3. I thought you had the title wrong at first, for shame, Full Moon, for shame...

  4. I'm sorry to say this but do you homework! Headless Eyes and The Killer Eye are two different movies. Headless was first release in 1971 (in 1986 for VHS format) and has nothing to do with the one from Full Moon. Obviously, someone riped off the cover... Guess who?