Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mondo Trivia: Demons

* There are a total of 8 films that make-up the Demons series.  Mind you, most of them are fakes...

Demons III: The Ogre is a TV-movie by Bava. 
- Demons III: The Church is a similar film to Bava's made by Michele Soavi.
- Demons III: Black Demons is about voodoo zombies.
- Demons IV: The Sect is another horror film by Soavi.  I guess since The Church was 3, this is 4...
- Demons V: The Devil's Veil is another unrelated Bava film.
- Demons VI is Luigi Cozzi's The Black Cat.  No, really.

* In an un-related note, Lamberto Bava was an Assistant Director on Cannibal Holocaust.  That film also has six fake sequels.  Coincidence?  Yes.


  1. I think I saw some other Demons 6 that wasnt black cat related and was basically a remake of Black Sunday?

  2. Honestly, that wouldn't surprise me.