Monday, March 8, 2010

VHS For The Win: Fatal Skies

There are many big names in the field of action films- from Stallone to Van Damme to Schwarzenegger.  Then there is Leary- Timothy Leary.  Before his death in 1999, Mr. LSD played a major role in a direct-to-video action film.  It is...
Wow, that's inspiring.  I can't decide if Leary is trying to be James Bond or Tim Gunn from Project Runway.  In theory, he is the former.  In reality, he is much more like the latter.

Plus, the movie appears to be about parachuting action stars with machine guns.  That's a bit too 'Coleman Francis' for me, thank you.

Next up, two films with the least subtle titles in cinematic history.  As a bonus, I'm 99% sure that they never got a DVD release.  Stay tuned...
Fatal Skies [VHS]

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