Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Syndicated Incorporated: Robocop- Resurrection

We're getting into the home-stretch here and the plot is not getting any simpler.  For those who need a recap, here's one...

* OCP controls the city and a (more) corrupt executive has taken over by killing the board.  He is planning to introduce the SAINT program to control every building in the city.  Robocop's old partner was killed in a battle between Robocop and a crazed, gun-wielding thug named Bone Machine.  He was brought back to life as a second Robocop & battles our hero.  They join forces, however, and fight back against OCP.
Our story picks up right there as Robocop is injured, requiring Robocable (that's his name) to go into a five minute fight scene.  He blasts a lot of cops, but they are wearing entire suits made out of kevlar (pretty much) and just get knocked down.  The tech thieves take Robocop to their lair and, upon his return, Robocable is defeated with...sledgehammers.  An Evil Dead effect shows up and scares them away, however, and reveals himself to be...that guy from every syndicated sci-fi show you've ever seen.
The man reveals himself to be a former scientist for OCP who went a bit crazy.  He re-programs Robocable to fight for him.  Meanwhile, the women restore Robocop to prime operation condition since he saved the lead woman's daughter.  Over at OCP, the new CEO is a bit crazy and puts SAINT into operation, even as it kills a window washer by accident.  Eventually, they find where Robocop is and send their troops to attack.  When they get there, the bad guy shows up as well, running down one of the cops in his de-stealthed truck.  Ouch.
This leads to a big battle between Robocop (plus two of the women) and the cops.  The blond bad guy kidnaps the little girl from Part 2 since *gasp* he's her father.  He steals her away during the fight because she's...a robot or something.  It's odd, okay.  How do the other women do?  They get shot and die.  Oh yeah, I should also mention the brief showdown between Robocop and Robocable.  The latter fires two shots at the woman and Robocop intercepts the bullets with one of his own.  See for yourself...
Yeah, that makes sense.  Anyhow, the cops get defeated and Robocable gets revenge on the cop from Tekwar by blowing his hand off and smashing his head in with a hammer.  The evil man tries to use some data hidden in his daughter to make some sort of EMP attack, but is stopped by the woman.  The only one left around is Jason Murphy, who has a bit of breakdown when he learns about his dad's existence as Robocop.  He manages to talk his son down from detonating an EMP bomb, but OCP ends up thinking that our hero is dead.  To be continued...
This is a definite improvement over Part 2's obsession with flashbacks and weird plot continuations.  This has a lot more action, if even the plot gets kind of freaky.  It's what the miniseries has been building up to and makes me optimistic for Part 4.

Up next, Part 4 and the conclusion.  Who will live?  Who will die?  Who will get the 'Lucas treatment' this time?  Stay tuned...

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