Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Critters 2

For one reason or another, this one has been delayed for a while.  Let's not delay any further then...

In Critters 2, the Sheriff has retired (and been replaced with a different actor).  As such, a new Sheriff is tasked with his predecessor's Easter duties- dressing up like a Bunny!  To make matters worse, the eponymous creatures have shown up.

The man goes to use the bathroom, but this signals the tiny fur-balls to jump into his suit.  As he is bit over and over his body, he stumbles towards the church.  Somehow, he manages to leap through the window during the sermon and dies.

Why is he a Poor Bastard of Cinema?  Because he was never given a name!  When you want a death to matter, you at least take the time to name the guy!

Up next, another Poor Bastard from Critters 2.  It's an anonymous killing field out there!  Stay tuned...


  1. Oh dude top of the list, great pick here. Im going to tell my daughter that that was the real easter bunny and the reason she doesnt get candy any more

  2. I don't have many requests, but 'not dying in a bunny suit' is probably on that list. That and 'don't die because someone was trying to shoot Fred Williamson and he moved out of the way' probably.