Thursday, March 11, 2010

Buy The DVD!: Fire and Ice

The fact that I have not talked about this movie- which is an animated collaboration between Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta- surprises even me.  Plot-wise, the film is a pretty basic tale of boy-meets-girl and boy-kills-wizard, with some flying dinosaurs in for fun.  What is really unique her comes in the extras offered by Blue Underground though....

A long-lost featurette (presumably made for the VHS or Laser-Disc releasing covers the process behind rotoscoping in-depth.  For those not aware, rotoscoping is the technique of shooting pictures of live actors in poses and then animating over them.  It is the animation process used famously by Bakshi (i.e. the animated Lord of the Rings) and the company Filmation (i.e. He-Man, etc).  If you were ever curious, this featurette, which is sadly only available in un-restored VHS form (the DVD itself apologizes), explains everything!

Next up, a Lucio Fulci film that has one really special feature- from America.  Stay tuned...

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